I am James H. Porter

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

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Video Recording Quality

I did a Facebook Live video the other night and as I was hitting “post” I noticed the button to download it to my phone as well. Alas, it was too late though, but I was glad to know I could download videos posted live on Facebook.

I’ve always noticed that previous Facebook Live videos were not the greatest at even HD quality, but I hadn’t downloaded one before either. I decided to do a test and see if a downloaded Facebook Live video was better quality than the posted version. I love making time lapse videos so I wanted to see also how that compared to speeding up a normal video shot directly on my iPhone, and also compared to my iPhone’s time lapse recording feature.

I did three small drawings, each recorded those different ways. I will share them later and give my thoughts.


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The Hummingbird


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but this piece is the result of my love of watercolor. I finally cracked into the new watercolors I bought last summer and painted this for a Christmas present. I used my Pentel Pocket Brush but I am very excited about the Kuretake #40 I ordered today! I love how pen and watercolor work together.